Who We Are

Building Small, Dreaming Big: VIZ Graphics™ (VIZ) and Modular Builders, Inc (MBi Building Systems) unite to craft TinyMod™, where innovation meets imagination in every compact creation.

Modular Builders, Inc.

Modular Builders Inc is a prominent and diversified prefab company, under the ownership and operation of Kevin and Amanda Lockhart. Committed to providing affordable dwellings, the company also offers consulting services to builders, developers, and investment groups with an interest in off-site construction methodologies and best practices in modular building. Kevin Lockhart's entrepreneurial acumen has been instrumental in a remarkable 39-year journey in modular, prefab, and traditional construction, contributing to projects totaling nearly $1 billion across North America. Additionally, the company's sister entity, MBi Building Systems, in partnership with Luc and Heather Lockhart, specializes in the development and construction services sector.

Visualize Graphics, Inc.

VIZ® is dedicated to bringing designs and visions to life through our expert mastery of BIM, CGI 3D renderings, interactive cutaways, virtual tours, and animated motion video. Our refined and artistic approach guarantees that your project receives the authentic and creative touch it deserves. Our seasoned team of visual design experts possess profound knowledge and skills in the AEC industry, enabling them to provide innovative solutions to any challenge. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, high-quality designs, and visualization, always exceeding expectations. At VIZ®, we pride ourselves on our unyielding honesty, loyalty, and specialized expertise, guaranteeing that each project is in safe hands.

TinyMod, LLC

VIZ Graphics™, renowned for its cutting-edge architectural design and visualization, and Modular Builders Inc, a leader in efficient, quality off-site, and prefab construction, have joined forces to revolutionize the prefab small dwelling industry. Their collaboration has given birth to TinyMod™, a pioneering venture that seamlessly integrates top-tier design and construction services under one umbrella. TinyMod™ stands at the forefront of compact living solutions, offering a range of pre-designed ADUs and small single-family homes that blend aesthetic appeal with functional design.

Emphasizing innovation, TinyMod™ utilizes VIZ Graphics™ expertise in creating beautifully crafted designs, immersive visualizations to help clients envision their dream spaces. Meanwhile, Modular Builders Inc brings precision-engineered modular and prefab construction techniques, ensuring each TinyMod™ home is not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound, energy-efficient, and built to last. Together, they offer a holistic approach to small-scale living, where every client's dream is transformed into reality through a streamlined, collaborative process that emphasizes quality, efficiency, and design excellence.

Meet The Team

Tiny Team, Mighty Dreams: At TinyMod™, we craft not just homes, but valuable relationships from our team of experts that communicate every step of the way.