Find a home that meets your needs

TinyMod™ offers a range of pre-designed homes, meaning you're sure to find a style you love with a budget that fits.

TM 360

Modern & Classic Available

360 Sq. Ft.
1 Bath

TM 540

Modern & Classic Available

540 Sq. Ft.
1 Bedroom
1 Bath

TM 740

Modern & Classic Available

740 Sq. Ft.
2 Bedroom
1 Bath

TM 1200

Modern & Classic Available

1,200 Sq. Ft.
3 Bedroom
2 Bath

TinyMod™ Floor Plans

M= Modern | C= Classic

Exterior Facade Options (540-M Shown)

Interior Finish Packages (540-M Shown)

On The Boards

TinyMod™ is continuously expanding our product lines into multi-family, additional single-family and ADUs. Please reach out if any interest!

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