Find a TinyMod™ Authorized Home Builder

TinyMod™ has a network of Authorized Builders that is growing everyday, check out the map below to find a builder in your area!
TinyMod™ specializes in crafting exceptional homes and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) across Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, and Oklahoma. We're on a mission to expand our reach, actively seeking partnerships with authorized builders to serve more regions. Outside these states? Don't worry! Contact us, and we'll explore all possible avenues to help you build your dream home or ADU. Our commitment is to provide personalized, quality living spaces that meet your unique needs and aspirations, regardless of your location. Let TinyMod™ be your partner in turning your dream living space into reality.
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What is a TinyMod™ Authorized Home Builder?

Authorized Home Builders are vetted and trusted partners within the TinyMod™ network. All Authorized Home Builders in our network use licensed and insured contractors and manufacturers that are professionals in the construction industry. We build with pride, quality and communication, every step of the way.

Want to Become a Qualified Home Builder?

Are you a qualified home builder, contractor, developer, or investor, looking for an additional revenue stream? Join our network, gain access to resources, media kit, and more. Contact us and check "Become A Builder" in the contact form to start a conversation in your area.